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Why mink lashes are so popular?

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3D mink lash quality testing

When we search the “lashes” keyword on google chrome, over 80% searching results are related to mink lashes. Besides, when it comes to the eye makeup, the beauty videos or articles, we got a conclusion that more and more girls are going crazy over mink lashes, so what’s the reason? We have summarized the following reasons.

Mink lashes are most luxurious lash styles

Mink lashes are made in real mink fur instead of synthetic fiber, so the material is most luxurious during false lashes range. All the production process of mink eyelashes is pure handmade, as we all know, the human labor cost is much higher than the cost of full mechanization. So the cost of mink lash is highest. With the development of economy, people usually prefer the products with best quality and higher price. In the meanwhile, one or several pair of mink lashes won’t cost too much comparing to other makeup things like foundation, lipsticks, eyeshadow palette, loose powder. So mink lashes are definitely girls’ first choice when they pick up falsies.

this image is for mink lash detail showing
3D mink eyelashes vendor

Mink lashes are comfortable for wearing

Mink lashes are super comfortable for wearing. They are super light weight that it let you feel nothing on your eyes when you put them on. Besides, the lash band is made in suitable cotton, so the band is also soft and flexible to wear, it doesn’t feel hard to wear. Every single pair of our mink lashes are with suitable thickness for lash band, not too thick or too thin. Some clients want thinner band, some clients ask thicker band, but from the production perspective, it’s best to use thinner band for natural mink lashes and thicker band for dramatic mink lashes like 25mm mink lashes, 28mm mink lashes and 30mm mink lashes to ensure the band can hold all hairs. We can ensure all the lash band for different lash styles are most comfortable to wear.

Mink fur is more like our real eyelashes

All of the mink fur is real fur, it has natural tip and it’s more like our real eyelashes compared to other lash types like synthetic faux mink lashes, silk lashes. When you put 3d mink falsies on, it will enhance your eye beauty, what’s more, falsies will blend with your real eyelashes perfectly, making others think that your own eyelashes are very thick and volume.

Mink falsies are with best 3D effect

We usually call the mink falsies as 3D mink lashes, “3D” means the effect of mink lashes. It has the best 3D effect because mink hair has its natural curl and tips. When we put 3-4 layers of mink fur for one pair of mink lash model and curl them with high temperature, the mixed length and curl will present a perfect 3D effect or even 4D, 5D effect.

mink lash 3D effect
3D mink lashes

Mink lashes are cruelty free

Mink lashes are made in mink fur, so some girls may want to know if our mink lashes are cruelty free. The answer is yes. We collect harvest mink hair and only use young minks’ shedding hair and gently brushed hair, so there is no harm to animal. We are also animal protector and know the importance of environment protection. It’s humanistic and naturalistic.

Over 500 styles for mink lashes

We have the professional R&D team to design mink lashes from time to time to follow the fashion trend. So we have different mink lash series like 3D mink lashes with natural length from 10-18mm, medium length from 20-22mm, 5D mink eyelashes with 25mm length, 28mm length and 30mm length. You can select any mink lash types you like to cater to different clients’ needs and different eye shapes.

various of mink lashes showing
3D mink eyelashes supplier
various of luxury mink lashes
25mm mink lashes

Hope this will help you understand the mink lashes better!

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