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Are magnetic lashes with eyeliner kit safe?

magnetic lashes with eyeliner kit

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Magnetic lashes with eyeliner kit has been very popular since it’s appeared in lash market, and some eyelash retail brands have also obtained better returns with this lash product. It needs to draw liquid magnetic eyeliner on the eyelids before applying lashes on, then put the lashes with small magnets to attach the eyeliner. This novel applying method brings question to many beauty lovers that are magnetic eyelashes with eyeliner kit safe? Let us check details about this topic.

Are magnetic eyeliner safe?

When it comes to magnetic eyeliner, we need to know more about it’s ingredients. You can check ingredients list below, all of them are FDA approved, so the liner is safe enough for applying.

magnetic eyeliner ingredients
magnetic eyeliner ingredients

Are magnetic lashes safe?

Magnetic lashes are with small and ligth magnets on lash band, the lashes are made in mink fur or synthetic fiber. For lash fur only, mink fur or synthetic fiber fur are processed under sterilization treatment, so they are safe for us.

For magnet, if you are sensitive to it, it’s better not use magnetic lashes. But in general, magnets are safe for our body, this is an authoritative article on the safety of magnets called Are Magnets Dangerous, this article says ” Generally speaking, magnets below 3000 Gauss (magnetic field unit) are basically harmless to the human body, while magnets with a magnetic field strength above 3000 Gauss are harmful to the human body“. Another important thing is that magnets on lashes are super small and light, so it won’t affect our body and magnets are safe to use near our eyes.

magnetic lash
small magnets

Will magnetic lashes damage my own eyelashes?

The answer is no. For magnetic lashes with eyeliner kit, we put the eyeliner on eyelids and stick lashes on the eyeliner, so it won’t affect or damage our own eyelashes.

Potentially dangerous

When applying magnetic eyeliners, please be careful not to apply it to your eyeballs or inner eyelids, so as to avoid infection of the inner skin of eyes due to improper cleaning, which may cause eye diseases. In addition, if your eyes are in a sensitive period or the eye skin is allergic, then please do not use any beauty products.

Another tip for women or men who are prone to allergies is that it’s recommended to test whether they are allergic to the product on your kin behind the ear, because there is no skin care or beauty products can be 100% anti-allergic for all skin types. Everyone can understand this.

How to apply magnetic lashes properly?

how to apply magnetic lashes
simple steps for applying magnetic lashes

1. Shake the eyeliner before use.

2. Apply 2 or 3 layers of eyeliner at least on your eyes, wait for 15-30 seconds to let it dry enough(because if it’s not dry enough, the eyeliner is easy to peal off and not sticky enough to hold false lashes).

3. Put lashes with lash applicator or your own finger on your eyeliner, magnet will “Attach”.

4. Adjust the position of lashes according to your need.

How to remove magnetic lashes?

1. Use your index finger and thumb to slide lashes away out of your eyeliner gently.

2. Try to avoid pulling lashes straight off to prevent false lashes from deforming.

3. Put a few drops of makeup remover on cotton and gently wipe the eyeliner with it.

What if the magnetic eyeliner gets in eyes

If magnetic eyeliners gets in your eyes, please rinse your eyes thoroughly with clean tap water or eye-wash solution until all flushed out. If the irritation continues, please consult doctor.

Additional safety tips

  1. Don’t use magnetic eyeliner if you have sensitive skin or eye infection.
  2. Replace the magnetic eyeliner every 3 months to prevent bacteria growth in the bottle.
  3. Don’t let others use your eyeliner to avoid cross-infection.
  4. Put your eyeliner in a suitable temperature space.
  5. Tighten the cap after each use of liquid eyeliner.
  6. If skin irritation occurs, stop use and consult doctor.
  7. Keep out of reach for children.

Where to purchase wholesale magnetic lashes

O ONE LASHES is China based lash manufacturer and wholesale lash vendor with rich experience. We are offering wholesale magnetic lashes with eyeliner kit products. There are different kit styles available for your selection. You can check links below to get detail information.

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Our magnetic lash styles are listed below, you can mix any type you want. They are all hot selling styles in market.

magnetic lash style
wholesale magnetic lashes style
magnetic lash style
wholesale magnetic lashes style
magnetic lash style
wholesale magnetic lashes style
magnetic lash style
wholesale magnetic lashes style
magnetic lash style
wholesale magnetic lashes style

We can also offer custom packaging for magnetic lashes with eyeliner kit. There are various of packaging styles like paper box, magnetic box, etc. If you want to create your own private label lashes, please send message to us via Whatsapp: +8615158760926 or send message to email: oonelashes@gmail.com, our designer will do box design for you.


Overall, magnetic lashes with eyeliner kit is safe for most of people, but please pay attention to cautions before applying it.

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