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We all know that a perfect lash box will help to promote your lash business better especially when the lash box is super attractive. No matter you are a new lash business starter or want to change lash box style for your lash brand, you can select from hot selling lash box styles below.

Magnetic box

Magnetic lash box is most classic and pupolar lash box style.


Magnetic box is usually made in hard cardboard material with a little magnet placed on the flip part.


There are many texture styles for magnetic lash boxes like matte paper, glossy paper, snake skin paper, glittery paper.

For the matte paper, you can apply any color you want, it’s better you can offer the pantone color number to your box vendor, so that they can customize box color upon it. Besides, you can offer any colorful background to your lash box supplier, they can print it out directly. Here are some sample pictures for your better understanding.

magnetic lash box
magnetic lash box with colorful background
magnetic lash box
marble matte colors
magnetic lash box
matte color with beautiful logo

For the glossy paper, it has some popular colors like glossy gold, glossy rose gold, holographic silver.

glossy magnetic lash box
glossy texture

For the snake skin paper, the looking just like the real snake skin,the most popular colors for snake skin is black and white.

snake skin lash box
snake skin texture

For glittery paper, there are various of colors, you can select any color you want.

glittery magnetic lash box
glittery magnetic lash box

Box shape

There are many different shapes for magnetic lash boxes like rectangular shape, square shape, triangle shape, diamond shape, hexagon shape, coffin shape for Christmas theme. Most popular styles among them are rectangular shape and square shape. It’s usually recommended for these 2 types because shipping cost is determined by real weight and size of package, rectangular and square box shapes are more reorganized, so shipping cost is lower than other shapes with same quantity. From this perspective, some new business starters prefer rectangular shape and square shape eyelash boxes.

Drawing box

Drawing lash box is another popular lash box style. It’s usually without magnet, we can pull lash container out with a ribbon drawer or beautiful crystal drawer.


Material for luxury drawing box is also hard cardboard, so it’s price is similar with magentic lash box.


Texture for drawing box is same to magnetic lash boxes like matte paper, glossy paper, snake skin paper, glittery paper. You can select any style you like which is most close to your lash brand theme or logo theme.

Box shape

For drawing lash box, the most common and popular shapes are rectangular shape and square shape.

Round box

Round box is the third box style. There are theree different round box styles: cardboard round box, metal sprayed round box and crystal round box.

Cardboard round box

This kind of box is made in cardboard, texture is same to magnetic lash boxes like matte paper, glossy paper, snake skin paper, glittery paper. You can add other elements on round box like colorful ribbon or clear window.

Metal sprayed round box

For metal sprayed round box, it’s made in plastic with metal colored sprayed on box to make it looks luxury. It’s usually with mirror inside of the box. It can contain one pair of lash or two pairs of lashes. You can select upon your request.

Crystal round box

Crytal round box is made in quality plastic, it looks transparent and attractive. It’s usually with insert paper under lash tray.

crystal round lash box
crystal round box

Paper box

Paper box is most cost efficient lash box, price is lower than any other box styles.

Texture & Shape

Texture for paper box is same to magnetic box like matte paper, glossy paper, snake skin paper, glittery paper. You can select any style you like which is most close to your lash brand theme or logo theme.

For paper box shape, it has 2 types popular now: rectangular shape and square shape.

Acrylic box

Acrylic box is made in acrylic and looks transparent. It’s with rectangular shape, candy shape, diamond shape and square shape. You can ask box vendor to print any pictures you want.

Suitcase box

Suitcase box is really popular, it has 2 materials: plastic and iron sheet.

Pill box

Pill box is made in plastic and with different colors.

Lash book

Except for one or two pairs lash box, you may want to put more pairs per box, so that’s the reason why lash book is popular now. Most popular styles are magnetic lash book and paper lash book.

All lash boxes can be customized upon your request

For all of the boxes above, we can offer custom private label service. For examples, we can make any color you want, put your logo and any other information like your Instagram, Facebook, Website, Quote. If you want to check detail information about how to make custom box, please click this article How to do custom lash boxes. We can offer one stop service for private label lashes, so you can also contact us directly through Whatsapp: +8615158760926 or send message to our email: oonelashes@gmail.com.


These lash box styles above are most commonly used and hot selling. Hope this help you understand them better.

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