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There is an increasing trend for lash exporting and importing. According to market survey results, the global false lash market is expected to gain a market value of USD 1.8 million while expanding at a CAGR of 7.4% during the forecast period. It’s shown in the article from MRFR, if you have more interest, please click this article to check more details about the false eyelash market. Excluding the data presented by these authoritative reports, we believe that people who like beauty can deeply feel the popularity of false eyelashes. Besides, lashes won’t cost too much, so some people want to start their own lash business to get their own share of the market dividend. Then here comes a question how to start your own lash business/lash line?

The answer is listed below:

  1. Make sure the lash business is the thing you like and keep a passion for it.
  2. Learn lash knowledge and select the lash style you want to sell
  3. Make your own logo or brand name
  4. Find a lash vendor
  5. Collect your money
  6. Promote your lash business
  7. Offer good after-sales service

Make sure you love the lash business

We all know that interest is the perfect start for everything, so you have to make sure you are interested in false eyelashes. Only in that way, you can maintain a long-lasting passion for it.

Learn lash knowledge to select style you want to resell

There are many different lash styles in the market now. For example, 3D mink lashes, faux mink lashes, plant fiber lashes, and magnetic lashes. As a new lash business starter, it’s highly recommended to start with 1 or 2 lash styles, it’s easy for you to promote your own lashes. You can add some extra styles when you gain more clients and they require more lash styles. So here is a detailed introduction to different lash styles.

Mink lashes: they are made in real mink fur with perfect 3D effects and natural lash tips. It’s the most luxurious lash style and the price is usually higher than other lashes. They are in different length styles like 10-18mm, 20mm, 22mm, 25mm, and 30mm. Mink false eyelashes have been very popular since they appeared because they are the symbol of luxury.

3d natural mink lashes
O ONE LASHES 10-18MM Mink lash
20mm mink lashes
20mm mink lashes
mink lashes
mink lashes

Faux mink lashes: they are made in PBT synthetic soft fiber, and the thickness is around 0.05mmm to 0.07mm, they look more flat than mink lashes because of the material, it’s the most cost-efficient false lashes, so the price is usually lower than other lashes. Some European countries like to import this kind of eyelashes because they have strict controls on animal hair products. There are also some big lash brands selling faux mink lashes like Kissusa, Lilly lashes, and Ardell lashes.

faux mink lashes
faux mink lashes

Plant fiber lashes: they are 2021 newly designed lashes made in hemp fiber or bamboo protein fiber. They are cheap knock-offs for mink lashes. Why? Because they are also with perfect 3D effects and fluffy as well. Most importantly, the price is lower than mink lashes. So if you want lashes with a 3D effect but not made in animal hairs, plant fiber lash is most suitable for you.

plant fiber lash
O ONE LASHES plant fiber lash

Magnetic lashes: they can be mink lashes or faux mink lashes. Why it’s called magnetic lash? Because manufacturers put magnets on the lash bands and they will be applied to the eyes with magnetic eyeliner. There is no need to put lash glue anymore. magnetic lashes with eyeliner kits occupy a certain market share. There are also some big lash retail brands like Moxie lashes, and Glamnetic lashes. The length for magnetic lashes is usually not too long, it’s around 10-18mm because if lashes are too long, they will be too heavy and easily fall off.

magnetic lash
magnetic lashes
magnetic lash with eyeliner kit
O ONE LASHES magnetic lash kit

Make your own logo or brand name

Before starting your own lash line, you should make your own logo or brand name. Because it’s a good way to promote your lash brand when do resell. It usually needs lash boxes to put lashes in, so most clients prefer to put their logo or brand name on lash packaging. If you want to use the brand name, it’s fine, so you just need to think about it with brainstorm. But if you want to make a logo, you can find a logo designer or let your lash vendor do the logo for you.

custom lash box with logo
Custom lash box with logo
custom lash box with logo
Custom lash box with logo

Find a lash vendor

After preparation work, it’s the right time to find an eyelash vendor. Most professional lash vendors are in China, so it’s better to select China lashes vendors. There are many ways to find a lash vendor like Google, Alibaba, and friends’ recommendations. You can click this article to see how to find a lash vendor from China, it introduces it in detail.

When you find suitable suppliers, we recommend you start with a sample order to test lashes in person, if you think the testing result is good, then do a bulk order with that supplier.

O ONE LASHES has been in the lash manufacturing industry for over 10 years, helping thousands of clients start and promoted their own lash businesses successfully. We are offering different lash styles with a different price ranges. There is no MOQ for lashes, so it’s suitable for business starters. Besides, we also offer free samples for quality testing. Free logo design is available. If you want to make a logo design, please send a message to us on Whatsapp or send an email to oonelashes@gmail.com.

free lash logo
free lash logo

Collect your money

It needs you to collect some money before payment, starting a lash business no need too much money, so that’s the reason why some students start their own lash businesses. It’s better if you can collect your funds over USD50 to start a lash business.

Promote your lash business

Promotion is super important for business owners. There are many ways to promote your own lash line.

  1. Promotion on social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok.
  2. Do photoshoots with models if you have enough funds.
  3. If you can establish your own website, it will be definitely a good method to boost your business.
  4. Offer giveaways, it will attract more potential clients and gain more followers for your own brand.
  5. Make your own brand thank you card, you can ship thank you card together with lashes and offer coupon on the card so that clients will be more loyal to your lash brand.

Offer good after-sales service

We are all customers of different goods, so we know the importance of after-sales service. Just imagine that you want to purchase lashes and you have purchased 2 pairs from 2 different lash brands. If you have any questions about lashes like how to apply lashes, how to wash eyelashes, etc., you will want to check with the seller. If only one of the 2 sellers offers good after-sales service, you may only want to purchase lashes from them next time, right? So good after-sales service is super important for return clients.

Hope this article will help you know how to start your own lash brand business. If you have more questions, please feel free to contact us. Our Whatsapp: +8615158760926, and our email: oonelashes@gmail.com.

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