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The 25mm mink eyelash is designed and produced by Chinese false lash manufacturers. It appeared in 2018 year. Once it came out, it has been gainning great popularity worldwide, especially in North America countries. 25mm mink lashes can highlight the charm and depth of big eyes better. They are usually thicker, more curly and with better three-dimensional effect than ordinary 3D mink eyelashes, which is the reason why we call them 5D 25mm mink lashes or 25mm long 3d mink lashes. In general, 25mm mink false eyelashes are born for beauty.

What does 25mm lashes mean?

25mm lashes means the lash fur length is around 25 millimeter, the longest furs’ dimension is 25mm. Please check the picture below for the comparison among 25mm mink lash, 20mm mink lash and 15mm mink lash.

25mm mink lashes vendor
25mm mink lashes bulk

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Fluffy 25mm mink lashes collection

O ONE LASHES is offering best quality 25mm mink eyelashes, if you are in lash brand establishing, it won’t be regret to check the fluffy 25mm mink lashes. O ONE LASHES is experienced fluffy 25mm mink lashes vendor.

How much are 25mm mink lashes?

The price of mink false eyelashes is vary, especially the price of wholesale false eyelashes on Alibaba is generally much cheaper, which is because of the fierece price competition. In order to meet the needs of insufficient consumers, O ONE LASHES has set up two price ranges of 25mm real mink lashes for wholesale. We have manufactured 2 different quality styles, one is super premium quality 25mm mink lashes with higher price: USD$7-USD$8.8/pair upon wholesale quantity, another one is standard quality 25mm mink lashes with lower price: USD$1.7-USD$2.6/pair upon wholesale quantity. What’s the difference between them? Super premium quality 25mm mink lashes are made in best Siberian mink fur, it’s the best quality mink lashes in market. Standard quality 25mm mink lashes are made in most common Siberian mink fur, they are the most common mink lashes in market. So the price for them is much different.

Super premium quality 25mm mink eyelashes display

Standard quality 25mm mink falsies display

Where can I buy 25mm mink lashes bulk near me?

If you want to buy 25mm mink lashes or mink lashes near you, it’s highly recommended to buy wholesale mink lashes from China. Because China is the biggest and most professional false lashes and eyelash extensions manufacturing base. Most of the false lashes are exported from China. So no matter you are in United States, Canada, Australia or other countries, the lashes sold in your country are imported from China. But how to buy wholesale lashes from China? Please click 【How to buy wholesale false lashes from China】 to check the detail steps.

O ONE LASHES is a professional wholesale lash vendor with over 15 years manufacturing experience, so if you want to have a quick communication, please contact us directly.


Email: oonelashes@gmail.com

We also offer lash free samples for quality testing before bulk order.

How much should I charge for 25mm mink lashes?

If you have selected your lash vendor and purchase wholesale 25mm mink lashes bulk, you need to make a price list for your products. For best quality 25mm mink lashes set, it’s recommended to sell around USD$20-USD$30 per pair because you have to take custom packaging cost, shipping cost and promotion cost into consideration. For standard quality 25mm mink lashes kit, it’s recommended to sell around USD$12-USD$18 per pair according to your client base.

25mm mink lashes
3d mink lashes 25mm

Custom boxes suit 25mm mink lashes

25mm mink lashes are much longer than common 3d mink lashes, so it’s not all the boxes are suitable for them. Here are some box types for your reference.

O ONE LASHES offer free box design and logo design. So if you want to design your lash box, please contact us directly.



What’s the difference between 25mm lashes and 3D lashes?

The biggest difference between them is the length and volume. 25mm mink lashes are usually much longer, because 3D lashes are usually with regular length around 10-18mm. Besides, 25mm mink eyelashes are more dramatic and with more mink hairs.

25mm mink lashes glue

When applying 25mm mink lashes, you can use regular strip lash glue or adhesiv eyeliner pen. Here are the product links.

What’s MOQ for 25mm mink lashes?

We offer sample order for quality testing, so there is no limitation for minimum order quantity.

What’s turn around time for lash order?

For lashes without custom packaging, we wil ship out in 1-3 working days, shipping only needs 3-5 working days by DHL, FEDEX or UPS. If you do custom packaging, it usually needs 7-10 working days for box production (lashes prepared during this time), shipping only needs 3-5 working days.

What’s payment method?

Paypal, Western Union, Money Gram and Bank Wire are available for payment, you can choose any payment method most convenient for you.

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