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How to do your own lash brand logo?

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More and more people want to do part time job to improve their own life quality or want to establish their own business with small budget, especially the girls who always love the products related to beauty and fashion. After researching, most of them choose to do lash business because it no needs too much cost. Then they have to make a lash brand logo, so here comes the problem that how to do your own lash brand logo?

There are several ways to make lash logo. The first way is making your logo by a professional logo designer. The second way is making lash logo by yourself with some guide from website. The third one is making logo by your own lash vendor.

In this article, we will look at what lash brand logo is , why do you need it, how you can get one, and what the most popular logo style are.

What lash brand logo is?

Lash brand logo is a symbol to express the brand values and spirit about your company and business. It’s usually consist of brand name in text and special graphics.

Why do you need a eyelash business logo?

  1. A perfect eyelash business logo is the first step to show your company’s image, it’s also a good way to stand out from so many competitors.

2. You can convey your values and fashion idea to consumers through the logo. You can check our logo picture below. There is heart symbol, lash element and brand name called O ONE LASHES. What do we want to convey to our clients? We all know that the eyes are the windows of the heart (so we use a heart symbol) and the gaze completely reflects the brilliance of the soul. The truth, goodness, and beauty of a person can be read from the eyes, you can see that there are some dotted line on the left corner of the heart image, it means the truth, goodness, beauty of a person and other noble characters. The lash element is to let everyone know that our business is related to lashes. False eyelashes will make your eyes more beautiful, it can add a bit of color to people’s eyes (the window of the soul). In fact, even though a woman with beautiful eyes has gone through vicissitudes and tribulations, she still knows how to settle and filter her heart and let her live with a beautiful heart. So why not to use falsies to make your eyes more beautiful? Besides, “O ONE LASHES” brand name will let you know who we are.

o one lashes logo
o one lashes logo

3. Only if you have your own logo, you can do your own brand custom packaging and start private label lash business. In lash market, perfect and beautiful packaging will attract more clients because we all love the beautiful things. Just imagine that you want to purchase a pair of lashes online or in the boutique in urgent need and there are many lashes in different boxes, you need to select one from them, which one will attract you? It’s definitely the box looks gorgeous and beautiful. When you select one, you will know the lash brand and purchase from this lash brand again and again if you like the lash quality. In the same way, you have to put your own logo on a beautiful lash box.

custom lash box
lash box

What are popular elements of a lash logo?

We have helped over thousands of clients started their own lash business with custom packaging, so we collected most popular elements of their logo.

1. Lash image

Lash image is usually an important element for a lash logo. People will know your business clearly and quickly from lash symbol. Here are a few sample pictures for your review. We also offer free lash logo with lash image, if you want to do your own free lash logo in a quick way, please kindly contact us via Whatsapp:+8615158760926

o one lashes free logo
free logo

2. Selfie picture

Some people put their own selfies on packaging to be their own logo, it’s a special way to present logo to others.

3. Girl’s face image with long hair

Some people prefer to use girl’s face image with long hair because they are salon owners, so they are not only sell lashes.

girls face logo
logo sample

4. Brand name

Brand name is also very important, for example, Lilly Lashes, Huda Beauty, etc. (they are big lash retail brands). It’s better to put brand name in logo, so that you can promote your own brand.

If you don’t have idea for your own brand logo, what to do?

1. Search from google to look through some sample logo pictures

Google is always a useful and convenient tool for us to find answers for some questions. So you can input some key words like “logo” to look through some logo images, it will help you expand your mind and finally know what you want your logo look like. It’s a suitable method for people who don’t have a team and have to do everything by themselves. Just keep one rule that logo is based on what you want to convey to others.

2. Brainstorm with your team members

If you have your own team, you can hold a meeting on the logo style to let everyone offer their suggestions, because members of the group can inspire each other’s inspiration in a better way. You can finally select a good and perfect idea of logo designing.

3. Start logo design, make your idea come into life

After your logo theme is confirmed, you can start logo design. There are several ways to do logo design, check below.

3.1 Design logo by yourself

There are some useful logo creating website and APP, you can create logo on them by yourself. Here are some suggestions for logo design website with high ranking on google. The first one is Free logo design, the second one is Looka, the third one is Fiverr.

3.2 Find a professional logo designer

It usually needs about 40USD to 80USD to make a logo by professional logo designer. You just need to tell your designer what you want to convey and what elements you want to include for the logo, they will design and modify for you to your satisfaction. If you have logo design budget, it’s a good way to save your time.

3.3 Design by your own lash vendor

If you have find your own lash vendor, you can let them design logo for you. Because most of lash vendors have their own designers, some offer free logo design. It will save your cost and time. O one lashes also offer free logo design, if you are interested, you can send message to us via Whatsapp: +8615158760926

After logo finished, what can it be used for?

1. Put logo on lash box

It’s highly recommended to put your logo on lash packaging. Because if you order lashes, you need to put lashes in boxes for selling. We can make custom lash boxes upon your request, if you want to check more details, you can click here to check.

2. Put logo on lash tools

If you purchase lash tools, it’s also recommended to put logo on them. There are various of lash tools related to lash business like adhesive eyeliner, lash glue, lash tweezer, lash curler and lash scissors. If you want to check and discuss more details, you can send message to us via Whatsapp: +8615158760926

How to promote your own lash brand?

1. Promote your own lash brand on social media

There are various of social media available for lash business promotion and advertising like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Tiktok, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc. You can select some of them or all of them to to create your own account to update product videos or pictures. You can also have online live show on IG, Youtube like makeup tutorial with your own lash products.

2. Create your own website with google Advertising

If you have enough budget, you can create your own website and open Google Ads. Your target clients will get your website information when they input key words on google. It’s the most quick way to promote your lash brand.

3. Shout out through Youtube or Instagram

There are some beauty bloggers who have a lot of fans on their Youtube channel or IG page, you can pay them to promote your products and brand on their channel or page if you have enough budget.

In conclusion, there are many ways to get a lash brand logo. Hope this article help you make a professional logo quickly!

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