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How to do simple hand skin care

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With the fast pace of life, people spend most of their time on work and family caring, leaving very limited time for skin care. However, the time we spend on hand care may be less than one-third of that of facial care. Our hands often face the problems of molting, chapped skin, lacking water and lacking of luster. In this chapter, I will teach you a simple, convenient and cost-effective hand care method.

hand skin problem picture

Wash your hands carefully

The first step in hand skin care is to wash your hands and gently press with a towel to wipe off the moisture. Remember that treat you hands gently just like treating baby’s tender face.

Essential oil care

Put a few drops of essential oil on the palm of your hand, then gently spread the palm and back of your hand. After that, use your left and right hands with your fingers to massage the skin of your hands in circular motions for about 1-2 minutes.

essential oil picture

Wear disposable gloves or put on a layer of plastic wrap

After the essential oil massage, our skin opens the nutrient absorption channel, then we have to immerse the hand skin in the oil completely. So, we can wear disposable gloves or just put on a layer of plastic wrap. Then, we just need to wait for 15-20 minutes.

hand in plastic wrap
hand in plastic wrap

Apply hand cream to your hands

Remove glove or plastic wrap and massage your hands with your fingers for 1 minute, then use the paper towel to wipe off the excess oil. Take out your hand cream, squeeze out a coin-sized amount and start to massage your skin again until hand cream is absorbed totally.

hand cream
hand cream put on hand


After all the 4 steps above, hand care process is finished. It only needs about 30 minutes and easy to operate. It can relieve the fatigue of the hand skin well, add nutrition and moisture to the hand skin, soften the keratin and prevent skin aging effectively. Is it easy and cost efficient?

hand picture

Hope it will help you protect your hand skin, but if your hand skin has some more serious problems, it’s recommended to go to a regular skin care beauty salon for diagnosis, treatment and care.

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