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How to do custom lash boxes?

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A lot of lash business owners or starters always want to do their own custom lash boxes to put logo and other social media information like Instagram, Facebook, Website, etc. It’s a good way to promote their lash brands and attract more clients. So there is a question now that how to do custom boxes and is it too complicated? Let us introduce you the procedure for making custom lash boxes.

First step, select lash box style you like

There are different lash box styles available including luxury magnetic box in rectangular shape, square shape, triangle shape, butterfly shape, round cardboard box and cost efficient paper box. These boxes are with different price range because of box texture and material.

Most cost efficient box style is paper box, you can see the different background picture for paper boxes below. We can also do any background color you want if you can offer us the background picture.

paper boxes
paper boxes in stock

The second hot selling box style is luxurious magnetic lash box, it has a little magnet on box and it’s made in cardboard paper, the quality is better than paper box, so the price is a little higher than paper box. If you have more budget on packaging, we recommend you choose magnetic lash boxes like below.

There are also some cardboard boxes with crystal drawer or in other shapes like diamond, round or 2 pairs lash book, 3 pairs lash book, 4 pairs lash book, check picture below.

box picture
lash boxes

If you not only put lashes in box but also put lash glue or adhesive eyeliner pen or lash applicators in box, we can also do it for you.

Second step, discuss details with us, our designer will design for you

Once you have selected box style, you just need to share your box design idea with us, our designer will do box design picture as per your request. You need to tell us the box color you want, send us your logo or brand name and other information you want to put on box like your IG, FB, Web, etc. If you want to make logo in UV effect or stamped effect, it will be definitely approachable. Please kindly remember, every detail will be designed upon your request.

Third step, we will send design picture in vivid 3D effect for your confirmation

It needs about 1-2 working days for box digital picture, then we will send it for your confirmation before production. If there are any details you don’t like, we will modify until it’s within your expectation. Here is a sample picture and video of 3D digital box.

box 3d design picture
3D design picture for lash box

Fourth step, arrange box into production

Once every box design detail confirmed, we will arrange box into production. It usually needs 7-10 working days for customized lash box production. Then you will get what you want and we have made your idea come into life.

custom box show
lash custom packaging

So it’s not complicated at all for eyelash custom boxes. We will help you move forward step by step. If you have any further questions, pls kindly contact us to discuss more details.

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