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Live Stream Tips To Sell Lashes

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Beauty firms started using Livestream shopping in 2021 on websites other than the usual social media apps. Along with Instagram and TikTok, several fresh social shopping and beauty-focused businesses also attracted the attention of brands. Following a pandemic-driven surge in Livestream shopping experimentation in the U.S., an increasing number of firms are collaborating with smartphone apps including Super great, Newness, Flip, Talkshop Live, and Shop LIT Live. These are the popular beauty live-streaming platforms that are already taking the trend head-on in the beauty industry.

 Why Live Stream Your Lashes Brand

Business owners are increasingly using live video streaming, but why should you do it and how might it help your lashes business whether you are a lash vendor or you are into wholesale lashes?

Live streaming is the transmission of live video content over the internet for end users, such as your clientele, employees, or other businesses, to consume at the moment. Live broadcasts about your lash business are given at a set time and enable real-time audience involvement, providing a more engaging experience for your viewers than other forms of content like blog posts, articles, or video-on-demand (VOD).

Additionally, live broadcasting is more suitable when you want to cover a variety of information or lectures on eyelashes for your client. For instance, the information may be too dense for on-demand video distribution for events like webinars, conferences, tutorials, or the debut of new products from your brand. You may want to explain the differences between mink eyelashes, faux mink eyelashes, plant fiber eyelashes, magnetic eyelashes, and eyelash extensions. There are several significant advantages and tips to live streaming that we’ll now go over in more detail, making it a fascinating alternative for your lashes business to other conventional forms of communication.

Tips For Live Streaming Your Lashes Business

1. Provide Mouthwatering Deals for Your Clients

Doorbusters are special offers that encourage customers to visit a store early (usually before the store opens) to take advantage of the few available opportunities. Your lash business can draw in a sizable customer base by offering these specials online. Make sure to add products that appeal to viewers’ fears of missing out (FOMO) and urge them to buy them before they sell out while you go live to market your services. This may include custom eyelash packaging tailored to your clients. This also entails restricting the number of products you offer as doorbusters. Besides, you should respect the deadline you established for your doorbuster rather than extend it.

2. Promote Your Lash Business Properly

You must be sure to inform your clients in advance if you want to increase sales. This includes posting them on your website, social media accounts, and email list. You need to make it clear the type of product being sold e.g 25mm lashes or if you are a lash vendor or into lash wholesale. Not just during the holiday shopping season should a sale be advertised. Instead, if you are serious about live selling for your business, you should make sure to advertise it every time you stream live. By advertising your upcoming live streams beforehand, you give your audience sufficient time to make travel arrangements (and hopefully invite their friends).

Pro Tip: If you wish to offer any promotions, you can also make a special landing page for it. Additionally, this makes promotion simpler. One link is all that is needed to recall your points of view.

As you advertise your broadcasts, don’t forget to use pertinent hashtags in your posts, such as #blackfriday, #blackfridaysale, #cybermonday, #cybermondaydeals, #sale, etc. to attract more viewers.

3. Use Your Email List Effectively

Don’t ignore email as a means of reaching your customers; it still works well. Make sure to share your broadcast with customers in advance so they are aware of when you will be going live if you want to increase sales from your live streams.

You might have to send out several emails. Never presume that sending one email would convince a subscriber to view your live broadcast. If you’re just getting started with live streaming, think about creating a page on your website to gather email subscribers. By doing this, you may start messaging them frequently to inform them of your activities and any upcoming deals.

Some broadcasters even give email subscribers who have previously purchased from them a discount or first access to a sale.

To make purchases easier, you can add pictures of your products in the email and links to the appropriate pages. If you intend to go live, it’s also a good idea to email them in advance. Just before going live, don’t forget to send out a reminder. Share a replay with people who missed the broadcast so they can catch up. If they think you’re emailing them too frequently, they can always choose to unsubscribe.

4. Work with Popular Beauty Influencers

Working with popular beauty influencers is a terrific live-selling tip if you want to reach more customers. You can easily broaden your audience with the use of this strategy. You can simultaneously reach two audiences. Along with giving your goods more legitimacy, collaborating with other influencers can put your business in front of new customers who aren’t familiar with your brand or items. It is frequently recommended practice to pay influencers in addition to sending them things to use like a mink lash or strip lash and discuss on their live streams if you decide to collaborate with them.

5. Use A Timer To Countdown

It becomes much more alluring when you use a countdown timer to highlight a deal that is about to expire. It makes sense that limited edition products frequently sell out earlier than expected. Your sales can go up all year round if you use a countdown timer. While starting your broadcasts with a countdown timer is a wonderful idea, you can also use it to time the various categories and portions of your live-selling streaming. This makes it seem more urgent to make a purchase. Shoppers may be influenced by brands to make hasty purchases. Even research supports this method.

So, to capitalize on the scarcity principle of persuasion, use countdown timers and instill a sense of urgency.

6. Conduct surveys and have contests on your Livestream

Your live selling streams shouldn’t solely focus on making sales, regardless of your sector. Remember that live broadcasts should be enjoyable. You won’t be able to keep audiences interested for very long if they aren’t interesting enough. So, complement your product demos with entertaining activities like trivia, surveys, or games to draw attention to them and keep your viewers riveted to their seats.

Then, provide freebies to increase involvement. One of your best-selling or most recent products, for instance, could be given free. During their live feeds, other live merchants give away gift cards. This might cost $5 or $50. What your business can support is up to you. If you can’t afford to fund a giveaway, think about collaborating with other businesses to have them pay for the giveaway prize in exchange for supporting your live stream.

7. Share Your Live Links For More Coverage

Product links are essential to your live selling strategy. Sharing links facilitates live shopping for your viewers and boosts revenue by guiding customers to the merchandise. As you introduce the products, distribute live links using StreamYard’s browser studio. Unless you have a list to work from, you should ask a moderator for assistance. Make your links simple for viewers to remember. Consider, for instance, creating a custom domain with a direct connection to a page where customers may purchase the entire catalog or specific items.

8. Multistreaming

There is no getting around the fact that multistreaming is a need if you want to increase your live selling sales. Although multistreaming might help you reach additional viewers and prospective customers, we recognize that your audience may be most engaged on a single platform. Therefore, by simultaneously going live on several platforms, you may maximize the benefits of the aforementioned live-selling tips.

Benefits Of Live Streaming For Your Lashes Business


The potential cost-effectiveness of live streaming is a huge advantage. All you need to start broadcasting is a webcam-equipped gadget, a strong internet connection, and a user account with a live streaming platform. Similarly to this, users only need a device to watch on and a robust internet connection. Even if you could spend more money on a better camera and microphone, you can stream effectively with the most basic video equipment. Additionally, streaming saves you money on things like travel, venue, and even meal expenses while still enabling you to reach a large audience with the same message.

Real-Time Interaction

As was mentioned earlier, one of the key advantages that set streaming apart from other types of entertainment is how it enables in-the-moment audience interaction. Your audience can interact with you by asking questions, responding to polls, and providing real-time feedback. This not only makes it possible to grasp and communicate ideas in real time, but it also makes watching more intimate.

Generating Reusable Content

Even while real-time interaction is what live streaming depends on, there are still other applications for it. Your live stream can be recorded, and you can reuse the content as a marketing tool. While a stream enables an in-depth discussion on a variety of subjects, video on demand is better suited to shorter, more focused informational tidbits. You can select the best segments of your stream recording and post them to your website or social network feeds.

Depth & Content Quality

When you want to thoroughly cover a wide range of topics about your lashes brand, using live streaming can be very helpful. Because streams are interactive, you can hold viewers’ attention for longer and provide a wealth of detailed information.

Final Thoughts

Although live streaming can be difficult, the advantages far outweigh the effort required to make it successful. Whether you are a lash vendor or into lash wholesale, the lesson here is to keep an eye on the live selling market and provide more of what your clients are seeking. Additionally, enjoy yourself when live selling. You’ll be able to interact with customers more effectively, have engaging dialogues, and allow viewers to learn more about you as you gradually gain their know-like trust.

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