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What Are DIY Lash Extensions

DIY segment eyelash extensions

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In addition to the regular single-pair strip false eyelashes and the eyelash extensions in salons, self-grafting DIY eyelash extensions (segment false lashes) have appeared in the current false eyelash market. It does not require you to spend hundreds of dollars to apply it in the salon, you can enjoy the fun of applying DIY lash with glue at home and at any time.

What’s DIY Lash Extension Looking

They are usually divided into two types: The first type is similar to strip lash, but it is divided into several sections, and you can choose some of them or wear them all according to your preferences. The second type is a single group of cluster lashes, usually, there are 40-60 clusters in a box.

How Long Do DIY Lash Extensions Last

The wearing time is related to the lash glue and firmness of the wearing. Generally, it can last for 5-7 days.

Remember to choose latex-free lash glue, which is very important to keep lash glue with safe ingredients. O ONE LASHES is offering DIY lash glue with special convenient brushes. You can choose the white or black color accordingly.

Can You Sleep With DIY Lash Extensions

The answer is yes. They are just like regular eyelash extensions, as long as you don’t squeeze them too much while sleeping, they will stick firmly to the eyes.

Preparation Before Applying DIY Lashes

Make sure your own lashes are free of any oils, skin care products, or old adhesives. It will make the DIY lash-wearing effect the best.

Lash Tools Usually Needed

*Lash Glue, is an essential tool when wearing eyelashes. High-quality eyelash glue can make the process of applying eyelashes easy and pleasant instead of messy.

*Lash Scissor, we need to use it to trim the excess band or eyelashes, so that the eyelashes fit our eyes better

Lash Scissor
Lash Scissor

*Lash Applicator, we usually use it to clip the eyelashes and then glue the eyelash cotton to our own eyelashes. Regular full-strip eyelashes can be worn directly by hand, but the DIY segmented eyelashes are too tiny, it is more convenient to wear them with an auxiliary device – a lash applicator (sometimes we call it a lash tweezer)

*Lash Sealant, acts as a barrier that effectively protects against the elements that can destroy eyelash glue. This “seal effect” helps create a maximum hold and prevents false lashes from deforming and falling.

*Lash Remover, helps us to make false lashes off and protect our own eyelashes from being pulled off to the greatest extent.

How To Apply DIY Lashes

Brush the lash glue on your own eyelashes, then gently pull the lid up to glue the segmented DIY lashes to your natural lashes. Gently transfer the glue using a patting motion until you feel it sticky. One thing to note is that the false eyelash band should be as close to the waterline as possible so that the wearing effect will be more natural. Let lashes dry for 45 minutes to an hour before applying makeup or touching them.

How To Remove DIY Lashes

When removing DIY segment lashes, it’s better to apply lash remover and wait for 20-35 seconds, then gently brush false lashes down.

How To Get Wholesale DIY Lashes

O ONE LASHES is a China-based lash manufacturer and wholesale lash vendor, we offer DIY lashes with the most affordable factory price and low MOQ. We also offer samples for quality testing before bulk orders. If you are satisfied with the sample quality, we can help you do custom lash packaging with your own logo or brand name. We will offer you one-stop service here. If you are interested in starting your own lash business or want wholesale DIY lash extensions, please don’t hesitate to contact us NOW.

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