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What’s eyeliner glue pen

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Adhesive eyeliner glue pen is popular in market now, O ONE LASHES will share more information about it so that you can understand eyeliner glue pen better.

Adhesive Eyeliner glue pen ingredients

Eyliner glue pen ingredients are listed below:

Water (Aqua), Acrylates/Ethylhexyl Acrylate Copolymer, Acrylates Copolymer, Alcohol Denat., Glycerin, Laureth-21, Phenoxyethanol, Polyvinyl Alcohol, 1,2-Hexanediol, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Sodium Dehydroacetate, Black 2 (CI 77266)

They are all safe ingredients for makeup products, so the eyeliner is safe and cruelty free.

Why it’s called 2 in 1 adhesive eyeliner?

The reason why it’s called 2 in 1 adhesive eyeliner is that the adhesive eyeliner can be used as glue and eyeliner at same time, it can replace regular lash glue and no need to use extra regular eyeliner any more. It has 2 functions to make a beautiful eye looking when you do makeup with false eyelashes.

adhesive eyeliner glue pen
star themed adhesive eyeliner pen

How to apply eyeliner glue pen?

It’s easy for applying with the smooth eyeliner, you just need to draw it on your eyelids and put false lashes on the liner, they will stick together.

Step 1. Shake the eyeliner pen for several times before applying to ensure the liner is evenly distributed.

Step 2. Open the eyeliner lid to draw 2-3 coats of liner on your eyelids. If you want the liner more attractive, it’s better to apply several more coats to make a wing shape on the outer corner of your eyes.

Step 3. Wait for 10-15s to let the liner dry.

Step 4. Put the false lashes on the liner and adjust the position, they will stick together perfectly.

You can also click the video below for eyeliner glue pen applying tips.

Steps for how to apply eyeliner glue pen

How to remove adhesive eyeliner?

Step 1. Tear off the false eyelashes from the outer corner of your eyes.

Step 2. Put a few drops of makeup remover on cotton and gently wipe the eyeliner with it.

Step 3. Wash your eyes with cleanser.

Is eyeliner glue pen suitable for beginners?

The answer is yes, eyeliner glue pen is suitable for beginners. Because the eyeliner glue pen has some outstanding advantages.

  1. Quick-drying
  2. Liner is super smooth
  3. Not easy to smudge
  4. Skin-friendly cotton tip
  5. You can apply any thickness liner as per your request
cotton tip for eyeliner glue pen
skin-friendly cotton tip, easy for applying

Adhesive eyeliner styles

We have classified the adhesive eyeliner pen according to the color of the tube and the color of the liquid eyeliner, please kindly check.

Different tube styles

There are various of tube styles for adhesive eyeliner. We have collected most popular styles for your review. Please kindly check pictures below.

Star themed eyeliner pen

Different liner colors

The commonly used eyeliner color is black. In addition to the daily use of black eyeliner, colored eyeliner glue pen is indispensable when it comes to the party used eyeliner or stage used eyeliner. So we also collected other various of colored adhesive eyeliner pen for your review.

Colorful eyeliner glue pen
Colorful eyeliner glue pen
colored liners
Colored liner display

Can we add logo on eyeliner pen?

Some lash business owners also resell adhesive eyeliner pen, so they may want to add logo on they eyeliner pen. O ONE LASHES can offer logo printing service for you. The logo can be printed on tube with logo printing machine. If you have any needs about it, please kindly send message to us, we will offer design picture for your confirmation before printing. Our Whatsapp: +8615158760926, our email: oonelashes@gmail.com

Can we do custom box for eyeliner glue pen

Except for logo printing on eyeliner pen tube, we can also do custom box for it. Every detail can be designed upon your request, printing your logo, brand name, IG, Quote, Ingredients, Web, etc.

eyeliner glue pen box
custom box for adhesive liner

Where to buy wholesale eyeliner glue pen?

O ONE LASHES is China based lashes and lash accesorries wholesale vendor. We can offer you one stop service for lashes and lash tools with custom packaging. We can offer all the eyeliners above in this article. If you want to know wholesale price, please send message to us via Whatsapp: +8615158760926 or email: oonelashes@gmail.com.


Hope this article help you know more about adhesive eyeliner pen, it’s easy for applying and with safe ingredients. If you are new business starters related to makeup or false lashes, eyeliner glue pen is very suitable for you.

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