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How To Take Care Of Strip Lashes

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If you are a fan of false eyelashes and usually wear false eyelashes during daily work and life, you may wonder how to take care of them so that your falsies can last for longer time. This article will show you how to take care of false lashes and maintain them in good shape.

Mascara or Not?

Mascara is a very common item in many girls’ makeup bags, it can make our eyes look more charming. However, due to the composition of the mascara itself, brushing directly on the false eyelashes will cause some damage to the falsies, so you can apply mascara on your own eyelashes in advance, and then wear false eyelashes or do not apply mascara, because the false eyelashes wearing effect far exceeds the effect of applying mascara.

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Apply False Lashes Properly

The eyelashes are usually glued to the lash tray, remember to gently remove the eyelashes from one end along the direction of the cotton band when removing the eyelashes.

The next step is to apply the lash glue to the lash band. Don’t apply too much glue because the excess glue will run on the lash fur, which will cause the eyelashes to stick together and make it difficult to remove the glue. Wait until the glue is completely dry or almost dry, you can wear false eyelashes.

In the process of wearing eyelashes, choosing a suitable lash tweezer (lash applicator) will make wearing faster and more convenient.

Remove False Lashes With Attention

You can use a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover to gently wipe the eyelash line or apply makeup remover cotton to the eyes for 10-15 seconds, then lift the side of the lash band from the outer corner and slowly remove the false eyelashes along the direction of the lash band. If the false eyelashes are too tightly attached, you can repeat the above steps several times to let the makeup remover soften the glue as much as possible. It can avoid band breakage due to excessive force, and also protect our eye skin well.

Clean False Lashes Properly

Don’t over-wash false lashes. Excessive cleaning of the eyelashes will deform the eyelashes, so we only need to clean the eyelashes moderately. It’s like when we wash our cars. Excessive washing will only make the paint thinner or damage it earlier. So how to properly clean eyelashes?

If there is residual mascara on your false lashes, just use a small brush to gently brush off the dry mascara. The next step is to clean up the remaining glue on the eyelash band. At this moment, you can use a small tweezer or your own nails to slowly tear off the remaining glue.

If there is glue, mascara or other impurities on the eyelashes that cannot be removed, then we have to clean the eyelashes. Prepare cotton swabs, oil-free makeup remover, and makeup remover pads, tweezer.

Soak makeup remover cotton pad with oil-free makeup remover, then put the eyelashes on it, cover it with a clean cotton pad, press it with your hands (like a sandwich biscuit), wait for 10-15s, and then uncover the top makeup remover cotton, use one hand to fix the eyelashes, and another hand to gently wipe the lash fur part with the uncovered cotton pad. The residual mascara or glue on the hair will be wiped off. Next, gently wipe the eyelash band and hair part with a cotton swab, so that the eyelashes will be cleaned. If there is still glue on the eyelash band, use tweezers or fingernails to gently tear it off.

How To Maintain Lashes Shape

If you soak the eyelashes in soap water or makeup remover water when cleaning the eyelashes, it will often deform the eyelashes and let lash lose its shape and curl. How to restore the original shape and 3D effect of the eyelashes? Please refer to the steps below.

a. Prepare a spoolie and tissue, use the spoolie to put on lashes and roll up with tissue.

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b. Use low-power hair dryer to blow hot hair towards the tissue with lash inside for 10-15s. It helps to curl the false lashes.

c. Put false lashes back to tray, and brush fur from the bottom of lash gently with spoolie to make it fluffy. It’s good to restore the 3D effect of the eyelashes.

Store Lash Properly

Put the eyelashes on the eyelash tray after use and put them back into the eyelash box, which can effectively keep the eyelashes clean and in shape.

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Hope this article can help you know how to take care of your false eyelashes. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave message.

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