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What’s plant fiber lash?

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Nowadays, a lot of people like faux mink lashes especially the clients from Europe because their country has strict control or even prohibition on the false eyelashes made in animal hairs like 3D mink lashes. But the mink lashes are usually with more natural looking, more natural tips, more fluffy and perfect 3D effect. So is there any lash has same effect like mink lash? The answer is yes. In 2021 year, we have designed new plant fiber lashes, so firtly, we are going to introduce you what’s plant fiber lash. As the name suggests, the material of plant fiber eyelashes is plant fiber. We have 2 different plant fiber styles: hemp fiber and bamboo fiber.

Why plant fiber lash is popular

There are several reasons to explain that why plant fiber lash is popular now.

  1. The market has its own way of developmement, just like that the launch of new products will attract some people’s attention, so those who follow fashion trends are naturally more curious about plant fiber false eyelashes, and they want to try new things.
  2. More and more people advocate enviromentalism, and the design of plant fiber false eyelashes follow this principle completely. Plant fiber is a totally new lash material in false lash market, it’s vegan, 100% cruelty free, enviromental friendly, no harm to animals.
  3. Plant fiber lashes are produced with great 3D effect which is similar to real mink eyelashes to make your eyes more attractive when you wear them.
  4. Plant fiber lashes’ price is much lower than mink lashes. Some lash business starters don’t have too much money and they don’t want to spend money over their budget, then plant fiber lashes are suitable for them best.
  5. Some other lash retailers just want to add new fashion lash products to their lash line so that they will gain more clients’ attention. It’s just as beauty brands update their products all times from the first generation to the second, third and fourth generations.

What’s difference among mink lashes, plant fiber lashes and regular faux mink lashes

The mainly difference among mink lashes, plant fiber lashes and regular faux mink lashes is their material. Mink lashes are made in real shedding mink fur, regular faux mink lashes are made in PBT synthetic soft fiber, plant fiber lashes are made in hemp fiber or bamboo fiber. If you want to check the difference in a more intuitive way, please click the video and pictures below.

plant fiber lash and mink lash compare
plant fiber lash and mink lash compare
plant fiber lash and faux mink lash compare
plant fiber lash and faux mink lash compare

Popular plant fiber lash styles

In order to cater different clients’ needs, O ONE LASHES has designed different styles from natural length to 25mm length. They are all popular now. One is hemp fiber lashes, another one is bamboo fiber lashes. Please kindly check product links below:

Hemp fiber lashes in regular length>>>

Hemp fiber lashes in 25mm length>>>

Bamboo fiber lashes in regular length>>>

Are plant fiber lashes waterproof?

Yes, plant fiber lashes are waterproof enough, you can wear them when you do swimming in the pool. If you want to dry them after they are getting wet, just wrap it in paper towels to absorb moisture. You can also use a low-power hair dryer to dry them. Don’t forget to put them on lash tray to keep their shape and use lash spoolie to brush lash fur gently.

Are plant fiber lashes reusable?

Yes, plant fiber lashes are manufactured with strict quality control, so their quality is ensured. It can be worn over 25 times with proper care.

plant fiber lashes wearing effect
wearing effect with plant fiber lashes
plant fiber lashes wearing effect
wearing effect with plant fiber lashes


1. What’s MOQ for hemp fiber lashes

We have enough stock and support all business starters, so MOQ is 1 pair.

2. What’s payment method

Paypal, Western Union, Money gram, Bank Wire.

3. What’s processing time

If you want sample order, we can ship out in 1-3 working days. If you want bulk order with custom packaging, it needs about 7-10 days to ship out. Shipping needs 3-5 working days by Fedex, UPS or DHL.

4. What’s return policy

If it’s quality problem, we will refund or send new ones for free.

5. What’s top 10 sellers for plant fiber lashes

You can click the links below to check top 10 sellers. If you don’t know which ones you want, it’s highly recommended you start from our top sellers.

6. Is custom packaging available?

Yes, we can help you do custom packaging. If you don’t have logo, we can also do logo design. Please click here to check custom packaging styles.

Hope this article help you understand 2021 new lash style about plant fiber lashes. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us for any inquiry! My Whatsapp: +8615158760926.

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