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20mm mink lashes for wholesale

20mm mink lashes

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Wholesale 20mm mink eyelash vendor, private label service

20mm 3D mink eyelash is getting more and more popular because of its special length, which can satisfy many eye shapes. 20mm mink lashes are neither too short nor too long, so they can be used for daily wearing if you have big round shape eyes or party wearing if you have monolid, hooded or almond eye shape. Then, O ONE LASHES, as a professional lash manufacturer and wholesale mink lash vendor supplying all kinds of 3D mink lashes with different lengths with custom packaging, will show you the most popular styles of 20mm 3D mink lashes upon our exporting experience.

Top 10 classic 20mm mink lash styles

O ONE LASHES has collected top 10 classic 20mm mink eyelashes, they have been in hot selling from promoted to the lash market.

10 New designed hot selling 20mm mink eyelashes

O ONE LASHES is commited to research and manufacture new lash styles and constantly update the 3D mink lashes catalogs. The following 10 styles are our grand launching new 20mm 3D mink lashes.

Special crisscross shaped 20mm mink lashes collection

Among various of 3D mink lash styles including 12-18mm mink lashes, 20mm mink lashes, 25mm mink lashes, 28mm mink lashes, 30mm mink lashes, the crisscross lash styles are always gaining popularity. So O ONE LASHES selected beautiful crisscross shaped 20mm mink lashes for your review.

20mm mink lash quality testing

We will show 20mm mink lashes quality from 4 aspects.

The first aspect is lash fur quality, 20mm mink lashes are made in super premium Siberian mink fur (Siberian mink fur is most luxury mink fur, Siberian mink grows in cold environment, so their hair is stronger, softer and with natural luster). Regular 3D mink lashes with low price also gained popularity in lash market because of the price advantage, but the cost for raw material is definitely different.

20mm mink lashes fur
20mm mink lashes fur display

The second aspect is lash band quality. 20mm mink lashes’ bands are made in natural cotton and we use the thinnest cotton band according to the styles of eyelashes to ensure the band is flexible and comfortable for wearing.

20mm mink lashes display

The third aspect is lash weight. 20mm mink lashes are also light weight, it’s about 0.5g-1g for one pair of 20mm 3D mink lash, so you will feel that you are wearing nothing on your eyes with 20mm mink lashes. We are commited to supply most comfortable 3D mink lashes.

The fouth aspect is lashes’ waterproof characteristic. Our 3D mink lashes are waterproof enough, so it’s safe to wear them when you swim, please check video below for our 20mm mink lashes waterproof test.

waterproof test for 20mm 3D mink lashes

20mm mink lash catalogs

20mm mink lash catalog
20mm mink lash catalog
20mm mink lash catalog
20mm mink lash catalog

Are 20mm mink lashes resuable

The answer is yes, all of our false lashes are reusable. The super premium 20mm mink lashes can be worn over 25 times with proper care. Please kindly remember to put your false lashes back on the lash tray after wearing, it will help to keep the lash band shape.

Are 20mm mink lashes cruelty free

20mm mink lashes are made in shedding mink fur and gently brushed mink hairs, so there is no harm to animals and 100% cruelty free.

MOQ for wholesale

If you are a lash business owner and want to ask minimum order quality for 20mm mink lashes, O ONE LASHES is offering low MOQ – 20 pairs for wholesale to support all business starters.

Price for wholesale

If you are interested in wholesale price, please kindly send message to us, we will send price list to you accordingly. There is one thing that more you purchase, price will be lower.

Our Whatsapp>>> +8615158760926

Our email: oonelashes@gmail.com

Is sample available for quality testing

Yes, we offer lash free samples for quality testing before bulk order. If you want to check free samples, please click free samples link to send inquiry to us.

Turn around time

For lashes without custom packaging, we wil ship out in 1-3 working days, shipping only needs 3-5 working days by DHL, FEDEX or UPS. If you do custom packaging, it usually needs 7-10 working days for box production (lashes prepared during this time), shipping only needs 3-5 working days.

Custom packaging

O ONE LASHES supplies all kinds of lash custom packaging, every detail can be designed upon your request. Please click here to check detail information for custom lash boxes.

Payment method

Paypal, Western Union, Money Gram and Bank Wire are available for payment, you can choose any payment method most convenient for you.

Other lash styles

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