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How can I sell my eyelashes online?

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Do you have an interest in the eyelash business but don’t know how to sell them online? The popularity of eyelashes is increasing so is the number of individuals who prefer to buy items online. This makes the online lash business a very lucrative one.

Here, you would learn the basic things you need to start a successful online lash business.

How Can I Sell My Eyelashes Online?

The First step in starting an online business is finding a reliable supplier after that you can start your online business. With that done, select the location for sales and the price of your eyelashes.

Can I Make Money Selling Eyelashes Online?

Eyelashes are a beauty product that helps enhance the look of the eyes and the beauty industry is a very rich industry. Women and men are ready to spend millions on beauty products including eyelashes. Social media makes it easy for you to access a wide range of individuals easily from the comfort of your home.

The money you make from selling eyelashes depends on the quality of your products and your price point. For example, if you purchase your eyelashes and boxes for $6 and then you package and transport them for $4, if you sell them for $30, you would make $20 from each pair. If you sell 10 pairs a day, that is $200 already. So you see you can make a lot of money from selling eyelashes.

How To Find An Eyelash Vendor

To purchase eyelashes of good quality of eyelashes for good prices, you need to find a trustworthy lash vendor. The two methods used are all for making online sales, the drop ship method (if you do not have enough money) or purchasing your inventory( if you have enough money).

For drop shipping, search online for dropship eyelash suppliers. This way you can seek eyelashes online without purchasing them. If you have enough money and want to purchase your products, search online for wholesale eyelash suppliers. There are lots of companies you can select from. Search for the type of eyelashes you want and compare the prices.

What Kinds Of Eyelashes Can I Sell?

There are different types of Eyelashes online, you can either focus on one or sell different types.

Some of the most popular eyelashes are:

Mink eyelashes

These mink lashes are expensive and are gotten from the fur of minks. They are soft and give a natural appearance. You can use them multiple times. O ONE LASHES is offering most natural mink eyelashes, 10-18mm mink eyelashes, 20mm mink lashes, 22mm mink eyelashes, dramatic 25mm mink eyelashes, and half mink eyelashes over 200 styles. All of them are purely handmade, over 25 times worn with proper care.

Here are some popular mink eyelash pictures. If you want to get more catalogs and wholesale information, please feel free to CONTACT US.

Faux mink eyelashes

These faux mink lashes are similar to mink lashes but are cheaper. They are made from synthetic fibers and available in different lengths, diameters, and curls. For now, O ONE LASHES offers regular faux mink lashes and Russian volume faux mink lashes. They are suitable for vegan-themed lash business.

Hemp eyelashes

Plant-based hemp false eyelashes are becoming popular from 2021. They keep perfect 3D effect like mink lashes, but the price is lower than mink eyelashes. Hemp lashes are much softer than regular faux mink lashes, so that’s the reason why they become popular. We summarized reasons why you can choose hemp lashes, please check the details below.

plant hemp lash vendor
plant hemp lash vendor

Magnetic eyelashes

Magnetic false lashes are with magnets on the lash band, they are used with magnetic eyeliner.

magnetic lash vendor
magnetic lash vendor
magnetic lashes
magnetic lashes

DIY segment eyelashes

DIY segmented eyelashes are also popular in the market now, and consumers can enjoy the fun of grafting their own eyelashes. O ONE LASHES offers hemp fiber material DIY lashes, they can usually be worn on the eyes for a week.

DIY segment lash vendor
DIY segment lash vendor

Starting Your Business

After getting a trustworthy supplier, you have to move on to the next part which involves choosing a business name, creating a brand, and registering your business.

How To Choose A Business Name

If you want to choose a name for your online business, ensure;

  • It is unique:- If not owned by another business, check Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook, etc to ensure it is unique. You can also check Namecheap or Etsy.
  • Descriptive:- Gives a picture of what you are selling
  • Short:- Can be remembered easily.
  • Use keywords:- Such as eyelashes, lashes, eyes, or any other relating to the eyes.

Creating a Brand

After choosing a name, you have to select a color scheme and logo unique to your brand. To make your logo, you can contact someone on Fiverr to make one for you or create one with a free program like canvas.

Next, create flyers and business cards.

Register Your Business

This step is very important: register your business, apply for a federal EIN number, and form an LLC or Corporation. This enables you to accept Payments.

Open a Bank Account For Your Business

After choosing a name and registering your business, you can move on to opening a bank account. To do this, you need your legal incorporation paperwork and the EIN number obtained during registration.

Create a Website and Email Address

This is a very important factor in setting up an online business, to make your business more professional, set up a well-designed website and email address for your lash business, so customers can easily check out your products.

How to create a lash website? Here are several suggestions.

a. Outsource to a website building team and let them build your lash website for you. This method requires more time to communicate and is a little more costly.

b. Use a professional e-commerce website creation platform with good reputation, like Shopify, Wix, Square online. You can register an account on this platform, then choose the website template you want, register a domain name, set up payment methods, and shipping settings and upload your lashes to the website. One important thing is that it’s better to take beautiful pictures of eyelashes, preferably with real people wearing them (if the budget is sufficient, you can find a professional organization to take pictures, which will be more textured).

Promote Your Online Lash Business

After doing all these, you have to make your business popular, post your lashes or ask friends to help you post on all social media platforms, you can click here to check how to promote lash business on social media. Also, give discounts on referrals and sales. If you have sufficient funds, you can turn on Google Ads, which is the fastest way to get website traffic.

Delivering Your Eyelashes

Another critical factor in the online eyelash business is the cost of transporting and packaging our products. Mailers can be used for delivering goods through the post office. Select mailers with your brand color and do not spend too much on this as they would be thrown away eventually.

Other materials you need when delivering to customers are:

  • A Printer for printing off the shipping labels
  • Business cards to add to deliveries
  • The cost of all these should be added to the price of the goods or as an add-on for customers.


Eyelashes are one of the best-selling beauty products, customers can purchase millions of eyelashes every month and it is increasing. Online eyelash business is a very lucrative business, if you plan on carrying out this business, you are on the right track.

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