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7 Must-have Strip False Lash Tools

lash tools

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In the process of daily makeup and wearing false eyelashes, eyelash tools are essential. Whether you’re using them yourself or adding more special products to your lash business, these 7 lash tools are must-haves.

Lash Glue

When wearing false lashes, the first lash tool you need is eyelash glue, which can firmly stick the eyelashes to the eyelids. It should be noted that latex-free glue must be used to avoid latex damage to the eyes. Standard glues are generally black, transparent, and white, but white glue is more sticky than transparent glue, and it will become transparent finally. So we recommend using black or white glue directly. O ONE LASHES is offering latex-free lash glue in both black and white colors. If you are running your own brand lash business, we can help you print your logo or brand name on glue tubes and make custom glue boxes.

lash glue with logo printing and custom packaging

Adhesive Eyeliner

Adhesive eyeliner emerged in 2020, it is a two-in-one makeup tool of glue and eyeliner. It can be used as eyeliner and glue at the same time, you only need to draw it on the eyelid, wait for a few seconds, and then gently put the eyelashes on. There are different eyeliner colors available: black, white (dry into clear), pink, red, blue, purple, brown, green, orange, etc. O ONE LASHES can also help you print your brand name or logo on tubes and make custom packaging.

custom eyeliner box

Lash Scissor

Another common tool is lash scissor. The lash band may be a little longer and you need to trim off the excess to make the false lashes fit your eyes. Best-quality lash scissor is usually made of stainless steel. There are many different colors for your choice. You can choose the one that matches your brand theme best.

Lash Tweezer/Applicator

Some people may be able to apply false eyelashes with their hands directly and quickly, but most people need eyelash tweezers (applicator). There are many shapes of tweezers, the most common ones on the market are shown in the following pictures.

Lash Curler

We usually use an eyelash curler to curl our eyelashes before wearing false eyelashes, so that our eyelashes and false eyelashes can fit together better.

Lash Sealant

Eyelash sealant acts as a barrier that effectively protects against the elements that can destroy eyelash glue. This “seal effect” helps create a maximum hold and prevents false lashes from deforming and falling.

lash sealant

Lash Remover

Eyelash remover is used to remove false eyelashes, which can protect our own eyelashes from being pulled off to the greatest extent.

lash remover

Lash Tool Kit

O ONE LASHES offers 4pcs lash tool kit, which contains 1 applicator, 1 slanted tweezer, 1 scissor, 1 curler and is convenient for applying false lashes with a cute bag.


I hope you can learn about the tools needed to wear false eyelashes through this article. If you have any wholesale and custom needs, please feel free to CONTACT US.

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