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How to Purchase Lashes From Alibaba

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Alibaba, is a global procurement trade platform, and I believe you should have heard of it many times. When you open Google to search product, you may see the Alibaba link, and when you ask your friends, they may recommend Alibaba to you.

If you are new to false lashes imported from China and want to start your lash business with the Alibaba platform, this article will help you learn how to search for lashes, and choose reliable lash vendors.

What Is Alibaba and How Does It Work?

Alibaba (China)Network Technology Co., Ltd. (Alibaba.com) is a well-known brand of global business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce, and the largest and most active online trading market and merchant community in the field of global international trade platforms. It’s serving internet users in more than 240 countries and regions.

There are many high-quality lash suppliers on this platform. When you open alibaba.com, you can start your eyelash import journey by searching for lash keywords such as mink lashes, 25mm lashes, lash vendor, eyelash wholesale, wholesale lashes, custom eyelash packaging, etc.

Alibaba homepage showing

Is Alibaba Reliable?

The answer is YES. Firstly, each supplier needs to invest tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of RMB to enter alibaba.com and start their own Alibaba online store. And there will be business specialists to conduct on-the-spot inspections of each supplier. So it guarantees the reliability of the supplier. Secondly, it provides Trade Assurance payment. Once the product has any quality problems or you are not satisfied with the product, you can make a complaint or refund appeal through the platform. In addition, it has a corresponding scoring mechanism for each supplier, such as timely response rate, timely delivery rate, product favorable rate, negative rate, and other dimensions to protect buyers’ interests.

How to Register Alibaba Account?

You can enter Alibaba anytime by using computer or mobile phone. It is better to register an Alibaba account so that if there is any updated information or preferential policy on the platform, you will be notified as soon as possible. Besides, it needs an account to send inquiries to suppliers, which is convenient for you to discuss with suppliers.

Computer Registration:

  1. Open alibaba.com, click “Join for free”.
Step 1

2. Enter all the information needed, you can also enter your own name if you don’t have a company currently. Don’t worry about being offered a business license, as that’s for tax benefits requests. Click “Agree and Register”.

Reminder: Please save your account and password.

Step 2

3. Log in and you will enter your Alibaba account.

Step 3

Mobile Registration:

1. Download Alibaba App.

2. Open Alibaba App, and click “My Alibaba”, you will enter the “Sign In or Register” page. Click the ” Sign In or Register” button, and move to the next step.

3. Click ” Register” like the picture below, then move to the Register page. Input all the information needed. Click “next”.

4. Log in and you will head to your account (You can check home, tips, messenger, order, my Alibaba very easily on the bottom of the screen).

You can choose to use Alibaba on the computer or mobile phone. Mobile phone is relatively more convenient because you can communicate with suppliers anytime, anywhere.

Find Lash Vendors (Direct Search & RFQ)

Direct Search

You can input keywords like “3D mink lashes“, “mink lashes wholesale” in the search bar, there will be a lot of lash suppliers listed for you. Remember to tick “Trade Insurance Supplier” and “Verified Supplier”, because these suppliers are better. You can scroll down and look through different lash vendors, click to check their detailed information, then choose to send inquiries to different lash wholesalers.

Click to enlarge

When selecting lash suppliers, you can measure the quality of suppliers from the following aspects.

a. Diamond quantity

The number of diamonds represents the star rating of merchants, which is a hierarchical system for evaluating the ability and willingness of merchants to serve overseas buyers based on the objective data performance of suppliers in the whole process of cross-border trade on the Alibaba International Station platform.

Star rating can be divided into 6 levels, one-star, two-star, three-star, four-star, and five-star according to the data performance of the four ability items. The four ability items must meet the score criteria at the same time to advance to the corresponding star level. One star requires all four ability points to reach 60 points, two stars all need to reach 70 points, three stars all need to reach 80 points, four stars all need to reach 85 points, and five stars all need to reach 90 points. So the higher number of diamonds, the higher the supplier star rating.

Click to enlarge

b. Star Score (Store Rating)

It is the comprehensive score after customers’ comments on suppliers’ service, delivery timeliness, and product quality. The higher the score, the better. The full score is 5 stars.

Click to enlarge

c. Check customer comments

You can click the product link to enter the product page. You will see the supplier information on the right side. Click “Store rating” to enter the customer comment page. The products and overall services of suppliers with more favorable reviews will be better.

After filtering these suppliers, you can click the “contact supplier” or “chat now” button to send inquiries, learn the price, MOQ, payment method, and order processing time of different suppliers, and then determine the supplier you want to cooperate with.

Click to enlarge

RFQ ( Request For Quotation )

RFQ works like bidding, which accepts the entrustment of customers for data collection. Customers can actively publish procurement requirements on the platform, and suppliers make quotations after seeing the RFQ. You can get many different quotations from different suppliers very quickly.

Step 1. Click “My Alibaba” and check ” Manage RFQ”.

Step 2. Click “Post an RFQ”

Step 3. Post your detailed request, the more detailed, the better and quicker you will receive quotations.

Step 4. You can compare different suppliers and choose the ones you want to cooperate with.

RFQ is relatively more time-saving. If you are in a hurry and want to get a quote quickly, we recommend you directly choose RFQ. If you are not in a hurry and want to make multiple comparisons, then you can use both direct search and RFQ. Because Direct search requires you to spend time browsing different suppliers slowly, in comparison, this process often takes 1-2 days.

Compare Lash Vendors and Choose the Best Ones for You

After picking a list of potential eyelash suppliers, you need to compare and re-screen them to narrow down the list. We recommend that you evaluate different suppliers from the following aspects.

a. Good communication

Any business cooperation requires communication, so good communication is the foundation of a good partnership. So you need to check whether suppliers’ reply is timely, whether the content of the reply is good for you to solve your problems or concerns, and whether it can give you more guidance, rather than you asking a question and he answers. If you don’t ask, he will stop communicating. This kind of toothpaste-squeezing communication method wastes time and is inefficient.

b. Supplier’s professionalism

Professional suppliers will offer you a lot of pertinent suggestions, and when you have any questions, they will give professional answers. For example, the level of knowledge about false lashes. A professional and experienced eyelash supplier will understand your eyelash market and recommend you popular lash styles that suit your market, as well as recommend the lash packaging type, order quantity according to your budget. So try to ask them questions and choose suppliers who are professional enough. Here is an example below:

Your Question: Hi, do you offer custom packaging?

Lash vendor A: Yes, we offer custom packaging. How many do you want?

Lash vendor B: Yes, we offer custom packaging. We offer different box types with different MOQ and price. We will do the box design as per your request, like box color, window shape, add your logo or brand name, IG, FB, Web, and any other information needed. Please check the catalogs here. Can you let me know how many pcs would you like to start with? Then I will show you more details.

So which lash vendor do you prefer? I believe you will choose lash vendor B, because he is trying to explain more details to you and let you want to discuss with him.

c. MOQ and price

Ask MOQ and price for lashes. If you are a new business starter and want to start with small quantity, then low MOQ is very important for you. You can choose lash suppliers who accept low MOQ. Besides, price is super crucial for sure, so remember to compare prices among different lash vendors.

d. Order processing time

Try to check order processing time with different eyelash vendors. Timeliness is critical for business cooperation.

d. Payment method

For lash order payment, lash vendors usually accept Alibaba Trade Assurance, Paypal, Bank Wire, Western Union, Money Gram. Trade Assurance usually charges 2% service fee from both sides (you and the supplier), it’s a secure payment method, and the platform will guarantee your rights. If there is package loss or product quality problem, you can directly appeal for refund through the platform. Paypal is convenient for most people, it usually charges 4%-5% service fee from beneficiaries. It’s also safe for buyers. Bank Wire (T/T)is suitable for the remittance of relatively large amounts. If you want pay through your own company’s bank account, it’s a good choice. Western Union and Money Gram only suit amounts less than USD2000, because they can’t be used for commercial remittance, so try to choose another payment method for payments over USD2000.

Start from Sample Order

After selecting 2-3 lash suppliers, you can place sample orders first, then test the samples and compare. Finally, place a wholesale order with 1 supplier. Eyelash suppliers usually provide several pairs of free samples, so remember to ask them to send you the free samples together if possible.

Sample Quality Testing

It is recommended to carry out the following aspects when testing the quality of the lash samples.

a. First of all, judging from appearance. Let’s take mink lashes as an example, good mink lashes are with good 3D effect, and the hair tip is natural. So check whether there is broken hair inside, if there are too many broken hairs, you can pass it. Because their raw material cost is lower, labor cost is lower as well. It’s not worth that money.

b. Secondly, check lash band is flexible and sturdy enough. Flexible lash band is more comfortable for wearing, sturdy band will increase wearing times.

c. Wear lashes in person to check the wearing effect and how many times can they be reused. Then I believe you will know who will be your lash vendor for long-term cooperation.

Move Forward to Bulk Order with Custom Packaging

After sample testing, you can choose lash vendor to place the wholesale order. At this time, you need to consider your own brand packaging. Normally, eyelash box packaging is divided into two styles: customized box and stock box.

Customized packaging is designed according to your requirements. You can tell the supplier box color you want, where the logo should be placed, what shape of the window, etc. The supplier will design the box according to the requirements. After the design is completed, box design pictures will be sent to you. After box design confirmation, payment can be made to arrange mass production. This kind of custom box generally requires MOQ ranging from 50-100pcs, and the price is slightly more expensive.

Box design picture sample

Stock boxes refer to blank boxes without logos that have been made out already. Suppliers can stamp the logo on the box through 3D printing or make a logo sticker on the box. This kind of box generally has a very low MOQ, 10pcs or 20pcs is available. So if you want to start with a small quantity wholesale order, the stock box is your first choice.

3rd Party Quality Inspection

If your order is relatively large, such as 20000 pairs of false lashes. In this case, you can consider finding a third-party inspection company for quality inspection before delivery, which can avoid large-scale product quality problems.

Waiting for Shipment

After placing the order, remember to contact the lash supplier at any time and ask them to provide the production progress. A professional lash vendor will keep you updated. Once your package was shipped, ask them to provide the tracking number, so that you can track your parcels.

Over to You

Hope this article can help you understand how to source eyelashes on Alibaba. If you want to skip these tedious steps, you can CONTACT US directly for false eyelashes purchase. We are a professional eyelash manufacturer and wholesaler, offering 8-12mm mink lashes, 10-18mm mink lashes, 20mm mink lashes, 22mm mink lashes, 25mm mink lashes, eco-friendly plant-based lashes, DIY lashes, faux mink lashes, magnetic lashes, and individual lashes, lash tools like lash glue, adhesive eyeliner, lash tweezers, scissor, curler, etc. We will offer you one-stop service with your own brand custom packaging. We offer low MOQ to help small business starters as well.

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