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25mm Colorful Mink Lashes

colored mink lashes

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In addition to regular black mink lashes, O ONE LASHES has designed 25mm colorful mink lashes, which are suitable for daily wearing, party wearing and holiday wearing! If you are looking for quality colorful 3D mink lashes or 5D mink lashes even 6D mink lashes, please check lashes below!

25mm colorful mink eyelashes
Colored 25mm mink lashes

How about the lash quality?

All of the colorful 25mm mink lashes are made in Siberian mink fur with flexible cotton band, 100% pure handmade, they can be worn over 25 times or even 30 times with proper care.

What’s colored mink lash wholesale price?

Wholesale price is $1.5-$3/pair upon quantity, price will be lower for more quantity.

How can I order colorful mink lash samples?

O ONE LASHES also offer sample order for quality testing before bulk order, so if you are interested in samples firstly, please don’t hesitate to contact us, you just need to send lash reference number and quantity of each for samples, then we will quote and discuss shipment with you!


Email: oonelashes@gmail.com

How to take care of mink lashes or other falsies?

1. There are several important point for taking care of falsies. Don’t over-wash false eyelashes. For example, when you wear a new pair of false lashes, it’s better not to put mascara on false lashes, you can apply mascara on your own real eyelashes, then put false lashes on. In that way, you just need to use a little tweezer or your nail to gently remove the remaining lash glue on band, then put your falsies back to lash tray, it’s the best way to protect your falsies. As we all know, any water or oil products like the makeup remover will destroy original shape of the false lashes. So if there is only a little glue on lash band, just remove it gently.

2. If you really want to put mascara on false lashes, you need to clean it properly. For example, if there are only a little dry mascara on lash fur, you can brush them off gently with lash spoolies and clean the remaining lash glue like the first step above.

3. If your falsies have been used for many times and there are some old glue or mascara can’t be cleaned well, you have to use makeup remover to make a deep clean. Your falsies will be losing their shape, so what should we do? PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO FOLLOW THESE STEPS below

3.1 Prepare a spoolie and tissue

3.2 Use the spoolies to put on lashes and roll up with paper towels

3.3 Use a low-power hair dryer to blow hot hair for 10-15s

3.4 Put false lashes back to tray, brush it gently with spoolie to make it fluffy

If you are looking for a professional lash vendor, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We will offer you one stop service here and factory price!

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