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How To Sell Lashes On Amazon

Amazon lash business

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Everyone likes to look pretty, therefore selling eyelashes online is a great way to earn big cash. You can profit from Amazon’s online business success in selling eyelashes to customers or by being a lash vendor to those who need them. Let’s discuss some excellent tips on everything you should know about selling wholesale or retail eyelashes on Amazon.

Why Sell Eyelashes on Amazon?

With 23% of Amazon sellers listing their products under the major category of “beauty and personal care,” this market segment is one of the most popular and well-known among sellers. The lash business is one of the most lucrative online Amazon businesses which can be one can easily go into.

As we already stated, consumers will almost certainly continue to buy products in this sector. It has also been discovered that customers like to order products from the comfort of their homes and have them delivered. This makes joining the lash business on Amazon a great way of making easy money online.

Is It Profitable To Sell Lashes On Amazon?

Simply put! It’s profitable to sell beauty goods like eyelashes on Amazon. There wouldn’t be any sellers if it weren’t. But how profitable exactly? A net profit margin of between 26 and 50 percent is achieved by 21% of beauty vendors selling eyelashes for example, according to the statistics on Seller Report. Additionally, 15% of vendors make 21-25% in earnings.

As you can see, selling beauty products like eyelashes wholesale or retail on Amazon is extremely lucrative. Within this category, there will always be a need to include other ranges of beauty products and if you want to sell only eyelashes, don’t worry, you should anticipate hefty profit margins. Examples of eyelashes that you can decide to sell on Amazon include mink eyelashes, hemp lashes, faux mink eyelashes, and magnetic eyelashes.

Getting Approval To Sell Eyelashes On Amazon

How do I acquire approval to sell in the beauty category is one of the most common questions new sellers hoping to go into the eyelash business on Amazon ask. Given that the beauty category was “restricted” and needed approval from Amazon a few years ago, the answer to this question would have been a little more tricky. 

The beauty and personal care categories are now open to all Amazon merchants, regardless of seller status. Even though Amazon makes it very apparent on its overview of categories assistance page that “even if selling in a category does not require approval from Amazon, selling certain products may require approval”

  • Before buying a particular stock, make sure you are permitted to offer that specific product or brand if you resale items through retail arbitrage or wholesale.
  • It’s not simple to obtain approval to sell on Amazon in the beauty category, so you must first do that. But for you, it’s the first step. For this, you’ll need a professional selling account, which means you’ll have to pay Amazon a monthly charge.
  • You must be willing to pay a monthly charge of $39.99 or more to become a professional vendor. You can decide to charge $0.99 for each item you sell instead of paying the professional seller fee.
  • Along with the per-item cost or monthly professional selling fee, Amazon charges a fee for each item you sell. It is referred to as a referral fee. This is equivalent to 8% for total sell prices of $10 or less throughout the whole Amazon beauty category. 15% is added to this percentage for the remaining amount.
  • Some Amazon merchants choose to spend money on advertising to promote their product listings as sponsored listings on Amazon. This has the benefit of drawing attention to your product.
  • Obtain brand approval if you are launching your private brand while that is underway.
  • Additionally, you ought to confirm that your E&O, product liability, and general liability policies are all current. What if anything were to happen whereby your eyelash would fall loose, land in the victim’s eye, and cause them to go blind? Do you know who they’ll file a lawsuit against? Yep. You.
  • Additionally, you must ensure that you have obtained all necessary alphabet approvals from organizations like the FDC, FDA, DOG, and CAT.

Requirements By Amazon To Sell In The Beauty Category

Make sure you follow Amazon’s compliance checklist before adding beauty products like eyelashes to your Amazon store, especially if you’re selling a new private label brand.

To verify that your products comply with Amazon’s standards, you must follow the checklist. The list consists of: 

The following conditions must be completed for you to sell cosmetics on Amazon:

  • You must make sure that the cosmetics are packaged by the original maker and sealed inside.
  • Make sure the items are brand-new and unopened.
  • Cosmetics must prominently display the manufacturer’s or distributor’s identification codes, such as serial numbers, batch numbers, and matrix codes, on the packaging.
  • Labeled information needed on the products

The following information should be included on the labels and detail pages of cosmetics in English:

  • The name of the product
  • The Product’s Objective
  • The number of the cosmetic’s ingredients expressed as weight, measure, count, or a combination of these
  • The List of Ingredients
  • Any Required Label The Name And Address Of The Manufacturer, Packer, Or Distributor
  • Label Warnings If Any Are Required
  • If the FDA has not approved the claim, cosmetic labels and detail pages may not state that the products treat, mitigate, cure, or prevent a disease in humans.
  • You Must Not Use The FDA Logo Or State That The Cosmetics Are “FDA Approved” If They Are Not FDA Approved

Ways You Can Sell Eyelashes On Amazon

The following options are available to you if you want to sell beauty products like eyelashes on Amazon:

  • Create a brand by using a private brand.
  • Utilize retail arbitrage, online arbitrage, or wholesale to resell goods from other brands.

Even though vendors love the beauty area, it can be fiercely competitive. The best approach to starting an online business in the beauty market may be to resell items from other brands, as starting a new brand may be challenging for a novice seller. You are going to be a lash vendor and it is more advisable to be a wholesale lash vendor for more profit. Visit a nearby retail location and begin scanning items in the beauty section with the Amazon Seller App to begin practicing retail arbitrage. Pay attention to the app’s warnings if you’re not allowed to sell a specific item.

Invest in a small amount of inventory to test how it does on Amazon if the Amazon Seller app says you can sell the item brand-new.

Before doing that, you must choose whether you want to use FBA or FBM to fill the orders. We advise adopting Fulfillment by Amazon if you want your company to run hands-off and provide the greatest possible experience for your customers.

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Final Thoughts

To start selling eyelashes on amazon, you need to do your own research to avoid too much confusion and time wasting. You can start selling your eyelashes on Amazon and rake in some substantial money.

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