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How to buy wholesale false lashes from China

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False lashes are a necessity for daily makeup, so it has a great demand for the falsies market. A lot of people want to start or establish their own lash business. In the meanwhile, China is the biggest and most professional false eyelash manufacturing country, so people who want to purchase wholesale lashes are facing a problem that how to buy wholesale false lashes from China. The answers are listed below.

  1. Find a suitable lash supplier
  2. Discuss details with supplier
  3. Keep getting updated information from the lash vendor
  4. Get tracking number from the supplier
  5. Goods received, starting reselling

Why do we recommend you buy wholesale lashes from China?

Qingdao is a coastal city in China, it’s the largest eyelash production base and has more than decades of production history, so it has the most advanced production technology and keen market insight. It also has a shipping port to make international trading become extremely convenient. There is no reason to reject a country specializing in producing and exporting eyelashes, right? There are several big lash retail brands like Lilly Lashes, Lotus Lashes, etc.

lash factory
false lashes for shipment

How to find a lash supplier from China?

There are many lash vendors in China, but you may don’t know how to find a reliable lash supplier, especially for a totally new business starter. There are several ways recommended for you.

1. Search from google with keywords like “lash vendor”

Google is always our friendly and useful assistant, so you can input keywords like “mink lashes”, “lash supplier”, and “lash vendor” to check google results. You can look through websites with top rankings to see if they are suitable for you.

2. Ask your friends who are running lash business

If you have friends owning lash businesses, you can ask him or them to recommend their lash supplier to you. It’s the most convenient and time-consuming way to find a reliable false lash vendor. Because your friend has tested lashes already, you can avoid any risk to use the same vendor as your friend.

These clients below are recommended by our other clients, if you want to check our products, please kindly contact O ONE LASHES via Whatsapp: +8615158760926

3. Search from B2B website

There are some professional B2B marketplace available, so you can search on them as well, such as Alibaba, Globalsources, etc.

How to select lash supplier?

After searching for lash suppliers, there may be several lash suppliers you like, so you have to select one or two suppliers from them. But how? Here are some suggestions for you.

1. Make a potential supplier list during the searching process

If there is only one vendor you want to cooperate with, then you can contact them directly. If there are several suppliers you like and you don’t know which is most suitable for you, then it’s highly recommended that you make a potential supplier list, so that you can select one lash supplier you want to cooperate with. You can write them on paper like the supplier names, product range, if free samples are available or not, price range, private label service, and any other things you are caring about, it’s convenient for you to compare the potential vendors when you noted everything on your paper.

2. Select one supplier from the potential supplier list

After the potential supplier list is finished, it’s time for you to compare them and choose the one you want to work with. You can compare these aspects.

1. If they offer free samples for quality testing before bulk order. A professional lash supplier usually offers a free sample service to let their clients test lashes. It’s cost-efficient for new business starters. Free Sample >>>

2. If they reply to you on time. No matter how prestigious the lash suppliers are in the eyelash industry or how many years they have been exporting false lashes, whether they respond to you in a timely manner is crucial. We all know the business is based on discussing and time is money, so try to contact potential suppliers to check their responding service.

3. Check their clients’ feedback. If there are real clients’ comments on their website or they can offer you clients’ feedback, it’s a good way for you to understand them better. Here are feedback samples from O ONE LASHES‘s clients.

O ONE LASHES’s Clients Feedback

4. Check products’ MOQ. Some suppliers offer high MOQ, so it’s not suitable for new business starters when they have a limited budget. So choose the supplier offering low MOQ. It’s not only the need to check lashes MOQ, but also the custom boxes MOQ. Because it’s super important to put your logo or brand name on packaging for promotion in near future.

O ONE LASHES is offering various of boxes without MOQ and all the lashes and lash tools no need for minimum order quality. If you are interested, please kindly check the products below.

lash paper box
paper boxes
lash box
paper box
magnetic lash box
luxury lash box

Mink lashes without MOQ>>>

Faux mink lashes without MOQ>>>

Magnetic lashes without MOQ>>>

Lash glue without MOQ>>>

Adhesive eyeliner pen without MOQ>>>

Lash tweezer without MOQ>>>

Lash scissor without MOQ>>>

Lash curler without MOQ>>>

Arrange your order with your supplier

If you have selected your lash vendor already, then you can discuss more details with them like lash styles, price, payment method, custom packaging design, processing time, shipping method, and delivery time. You may have some questions, to begin with.

How many lash styles should you start with?

It’s recommended to start from 5-10 lash styles. Because if there are too few lashes, it may not attractive enough for your target clients. Similarly, if there are too many lash styles, your clients may don’t know how to select and they may hesitate and finally don’t purchase. You can start from hot selling styles of lash vendor because lash vendor knows the lash market best.

How to select a suitable lash box?

If you want the lash box customized like the box color, and box shape, it usually needs 50pcs to 100pcs minimum order quality, you can ask the supplier to send catalogs and do the box design for you. It depends on whether you can afford that price and MOQ. If you have a limited budget, you can start from boxes without MOQ, the only downside is that you can’t customize all boxes, but it is usually cost-efficient. If you want to check how to do custom boxes, please kindly click here.

lash box
lash box

After a quick or slow discussion, you can place your order and do a payment. After payment is done, what should you do?

  1. Remind your supplier to keep you updated on order
  2. Ask for pictures or videos about your products before shipment in case of any problems or things you are not satisfied with.
  3. Ask tracking number from your supplier, so that you can track your package. For lash packages, suppliers usually ship by Fedex, DHL, UPS, Aramex, it’s convenient and quick for shipment.

Start reselling after lashes received

Once you have received your lash package, you can start reselling in your boutique, online shop, or social media platform like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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