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Commonly used lash tools when applying false lashes

lash tool kit

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What do you usually use when applying strip lashes for daily makeup? The lash tools are definitely important to help you apply false lashes better and more quickly. O ONE LASHES will share the commonly used lash tools with anyone who want to learn more about it from wholesaler’s perspective. Because O ONE LASHES is false eyelashes and lash tools wholesaler vendor with over 15 years manufacturing experience, so we collected our exporting data and select top rated lash tools.

Lash scissor

As we all know, we usually trim the falsies to make them suits our eye shape, so lash scissor is playing an important role. The commonly used lash scissor is made in stainless, it’s friendly to our skin and looks more textured. If you are lash retailer who want to purchase some lash tools, it’s highly recommended to buy eyelash scissors.

There are different scissor colors, you can select one which could match your brand theme best. For example, if the main color for your logo or lash box is gold, you can choose the glossy gold scissor. If your lash brand main color is pink, you can choose pink scissor. O ONE LASHES can also help you print your logo or brand name on lash scissors, it’s a good way to promote your own brand business.

Lash glue

Before we put false eyelashes on our eyes, we need to apply some glue on falsies. Latex free glue is most skin friendly to us. There are usually 3 colors for lash glue: White color, Black color and Transparent color. The white glue usually come into clear after drying. Perfect lash glue is usually hypoallergenic, easy to dry, waterproof and sweat proof. O ONE LASHES are offering quality lash glue for different volumes: 5ml and 10ml. We can print your logo on glue bottle and make custom boxes for lash glue. If you have any interest, please send inquiry to us. Our email is oonelashes@gmail.com, Whatsapp>>>+8615158760926.

Adhesive eyeliner

If you don’t want to use lash glue, adhesive eyeliner is definitely your best choice. It’s with mutiple functions. It can be used as glue and eyeliner at same time. Adhesive eyeliner (we usully call it 2 in 1 eyeliner or adhesive glue pen as well) is in hot selling now, it’s not only because of it’s special functions, they eyeliner is also with various of beautiful colors like brown, pink, red, blue, green, etc. If you want to learn more about adhesive eyeliner, please click this article to check its styles What’s eyeliner glue pen.

O ONE LASHES can also help you make your own private label adhesive eyeliner if you need it.

colorful adhesive eyeliner
different colors for adhesive eyeliner
adhesive eyeliner glue pen
colored adhesive eyeliner glue pen

Lash applicator/tweezer

When we put false eyelashes on our eyes, we usually need a tweezer (applicator) to hold the lashes and put them on eyes. The most popular lash applicator is made in stainless. It also has many different colors, so you can select any color matches your brand theme. O ONE LASH will help you print your logo or brand name on tweezers if you have any interet and offer free design picture for your confirmation before logo printing.

lash applicator
lash tweezer catalog

Lash curler

No matter you wear false lashes or not, we always curl our own lashes to make our eyes more attractive with more curly real lashes and put mascara. So lash curler is another important tool when we do make up. It has different colors as well and is made in stainless. We can also print your logo on lash curlers.

4 piece lash tool kit

There is lash tool 4 piece kit available as well. It contains one lash tweezer, one lash scissor, one slanted tweezer, one lash curler. Please kindly check pictures below.

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