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Popular Lashes In Australia

Australia clients usually like more natural false lashes. Natural lashes look well on eyes for all types of eye shapes.

The most popular false lashes in Australia is natural mink lashes, plant fiber lashes (it’s because of eco-friendly feature).

Mink Lashes

Mink lashes are made in Siberian mink fur with comfortable cotton lash band. They are most luxury lash type with natural fur tips like our real eyelashes. They are soft but strong enough.

We offer natural mink lashes over 100 styles for wholesale. If you want to do your own customized lash, we can help you with it.

Any interest for wholesale mink lashes, get in touch with us NOW!

mink eyelash vendor
mink lashes vendor

Plant Fiber Lashes

Plant Fiber lashes are made in plant fiber with comfortable cotton lash band. They are new designed eco-friendly lash type, biodegradable, which is fully in line with the theme of sustainable development. They are with perfect 3D effect, light weight and comfortable for wearing.

The price is also very moderate and competitive.


plant fiber lashes
plant fiber lashes
plant fiber lashes
plant fiber lashes

If there are any lash types you want to start lash business or add to your current lash brand, please don’t hesitate to contact us NOW. We will send catalogs, price, custom packaging options information. Look forward to discuss more details with you!

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