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Case Study: Custom Lashes For USA Lash Brand

O ONE LASHES helps an USA customer custom their own mink lash style


Our customer reached us on our website when she required to custom 3 different mink lash styles. She wanted to find new lash vendor because of quality problem (lash band is easy to break) with previous vendor and wanted to do same lashes with previous looking.


We don’t have exact same lash styles as the customer requested and we can’t check their lashes in person in short time.


We made 3 styles of mink lashes with a similarity of 99% and send samples to customers for testing. Customer was satisfied with the lashes appearance and quality, and placed a wholesale order of 3000 pairs directly.

How We Did It

We asked customer ship their lashes to us. Our technical staff made 3 molds according to the samples provided by customers, and made them as consistent with the samples as possible in terms of length, shape, curl and groups of lashes. What’s more, our eyelash cotton band are stronger and more flexible.

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