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Case Study: Custom DIY Cluster Hemp Fiber Lashes

O ONE LASHES helps an USA customer start their own DIY cluster hemp lashes


Our customer reached us on our website when she required to custom 3 different DIY cluster lashes. They wanted to find new lash vendor because of  delayed delivery and bad attitude from previous vendor.


We don’t have same lash styles as the customer requested and we can only get their lash pictures for production.


We made 3 eyelash molds according to the pictures offered, and do custom packaging, provide lash glue together. Our client placed order for 1500 pairs directly. We have sent extra hemp fiber cluster lash samples, they love them so much and start to place hemp lashes order then.

How We Did It

We learn client’s needs and try our 100% effort to make everything perfect. In addition, we also offer hemp lashes for client’s test, because hemp lashes are super soft, fluffy and price is also affordable. In that way, we help client add hemp lashes product series and let them gain more clients and orders.

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