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Case Study: Wholesale Hemp Lashes With Special Custom Lash Box Color

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Our client was satisfied with lash samples and wanted to do wholesale order with custom packaging. She did box design in person and wanted package color will be bright and attracting enough.


Generally, for packaging with rich colors, there will be a certain color difference between the actual printing effect and the color on design draft. Our customer’s box has a flower with a lot of mixed colors, there is no corresponding Pantone Color number.


Box factory we are working with finally made perfect box for our customer. Our customer is happy with it when she receive the package.

How We Did It

Our customer sent us a thank you card printed locally in  their country (the color and overall effect of flower printing on thank you card is what she likes). The material of thank you card is different from eyelash box, so the printing effect will be different. We have debugged the color matching of printing for many times, and made 3 different versions of box samples and finally debugged the color that customer likes.

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